National Public Gas Agency Membership & Members


NPGA is part of the NMPP Energy coalition that provides access to services and expertise to more than 130 communities. Through strength in numbers, we assemble knowledge, resources and influence that reach far beyond that of any one member. Our NPGA network stretches across 20 communities, offering expertise and membership benefits. With NPGA, your voice is stronger.

  • A seat at the table: With involvement in the organization’s board of directors, communities have the opportunity to influence the way energy is delivered across the region. 
  • A collective voice: NPGA provides pipeline and regulatory advocacy to support outcomes beneficial to our communities. Together, we draft and deliver policy guidelines informing legislators, government officials, media and the public.
  • Local control: Members and communities retain control over their own rates, services and power-related solutions to fit unique local needs and plans.
  • Access to experience: Members can tap into decades of combined staff and member experience, insight and expertise – accessible as a day-to-day resource.
  • Value-added services: Many NPGA services enrich your organization’s and communities’ capabilities: social media connections, NMPP Energy newsletter, typical bill survey, education opportunities, free industry job listings and more.

Current Members 

  • COLORADO: Fort Morgan, Trinidad, Walsenburg
  • KANSAS: Auburn, Belleville
  • NEBRASKA: Alma, Central City, Falls City, Lyons, Pender, Stuart, Stromsburg, Superior, Wisner

Current Associates

  • NEBRASKA: Hastings, Nebraska City

Current Customers

  • COLORADO: Walden
  • KANSAS: Havensville, Wetmore
  • OKLAHOMA: Keyes
  • WYOMING: Wyoming Dept. of Transportation