About National Public Gas Agency


National Public Gas Agency (NPGA) is one of four organizations that make up the NMPP Energy Coalition. NPGA provides wholesale natural gas to communities that own their own natural gas systems. NPGA serves municipal utilities throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. 

With our combined decades of partnerships, experience, and insight, NPGA provides wholesale natural gas and works with you to develop a custom supply plan that will meet your precise needs. Our network is your network. Many of us come from communities just like yours. We leverage our history and work with you to fully understand your needs, provide insight, and deliver thoughtful solutions to the challenges facing your municipality every day. 


We promise to be there when you need us. With our collective years of experience, we bring constructive and actionable ideas, resources, education and many other types of support to the table. When you encounter a unique or timely challenge in your everyday energy responsibilities, look to the NPGA as your source for powerful solutions.


The combined knowledge, resources and purchasing power of NPGA help us keep costs down at every point in the pipeline.  By pooling natural gas purchases together, we can achieve economies of scale while also offering diverse solutions to meet the unique needs of different communities, operating on different pipelines. Our not-for-profit business model allows us to focus on saving your money, instead of generating our own returns. We always look for ways to enhance services that benefit everyone  – very different from for-profit natural gas companies with margin quotas.

We’re always on your side when it comes to our fiscal duties. We spend your money as if those dollars were our own: frugally, responsibly and with great attention to detail. Our mission is to make sure every home and business in our six-state region receives the service and support they need – safely, continuously, and affordably. Our other mission is to help communities produce and plan for their gas supply with as little cost and inconvenience as possible. 


At NMPP Energy, our power is in our people. We are a coalition of four organizations serving more than 130 Midwest and Rocky Mountain communities. We bring together energy professionals with similar needs to create a synergy of support and resources. We help municipalities ensure responsible, safe, continuous quality service to those who depend on them. Through an efficient framework of economical and cost-based services, we empower the people responsible for ensuring energy is always available and affordable. 

For utility professionals across the region, the combined experience and knowledge of NMPP Energy staff and members are at your service. For nearly a half-century, NMPP Energy has combined the skills, resources and access that municipalities need to support Americans across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. If your community looks to you for energy leadership, amplify your service with NMPP Energy.

NMPP Energy member organizations include:
    •    Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP): Municipal Utility Advocacy
    •    Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN): Wholesale Electricity
    •    National Public Gas Agency (NPGA): Wholesale Natural Gas
    •    Public Alliance for Community Energy (ACE): Retail Natural Gas