National Public Gas Agency Services


The National Public Gas Agency (NPGA) is one of four organizations that make up the NMPP Energy coalition. NPGA provides wholesale natural gas to communities that own their own natural gas systems. NPGA serves municipal utilities throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. NPGA provides the following services:

Gas Supply Planning

Being a member-driven organization, NPGA works directly with its Board of Directors in planning its long-term gas supply strategy with the goal of providing reliable and reasonably priced gas supply for its members while ensuring financial stability and rational growth.

Purchase and Management

NPGA staff and management work on behalf of its members and customer communities by purchasing and managing gas volumes each month for each community based on the hedging policy and parameters put in place by the NPGA Board of Directors. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations, NPGA continually strives to find beneficial solutions and cost-effective ways in delivering value to its members.

Level Purchase Plan for Hedge Management

NPGA's Level Purchasing Plan program is a systematic purchase plan for projected gas supply needs to help offset volatility of the natural gas market. The member-driven program is regularly reviewed and approved by the NPGA Board of Directors.  

Pipeline and Regulatory Advocacy

NPGA advocates for its member communities regarding interstate pipeline rate cases and state and federal natural gas regulatory issues. NPGA is active on the state and federal level and works with the American Public Gas Association with the goal of advocating for its members.


All communities served by the NMPP Energy coalition of organizations also are supported through the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool, including:

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

NMPP monitors legislative and regulatory issues and advocates on behalf of communities served by the NMPP Energy coalition of organizations, keeping the value of local control at the heart of its philosophy.

Mutual Aid

NMPP coordinates a mutual aid program to assist communities with disaster recovery and emergency assistance. Click here for more information on the program.

Networking Opportunities

NMPP provides networking opportunities for communities served by the NMPP Energy coalition of organizations through the NMPP Energy Annual Conference, workshops and training sessions.


NMPP Energy News is a monthly newsletter highlighting activities of the NMPP Energy organizations and impactful successes of communities. The NMPP Energy News Wire is a bi-weekly electronic bulletin of regional and national energy news pertinent to communities served by the NMPP Energy coalition.

Additional services through MEAN

Several other utility-related services are available through the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska. Click here for a list of those services on MEAN's website.